Digital History (Hist 511) CCSU

Digital History (Hist 511)

Central Connecticut State University
Taught by Dr. Heather Munro-Prescott this class focused on exploring the history of World War One using digital tools.


Garrett CoadyTimeline of Company C World War I Veterans from Clinton, Connecticut


Brianna DunlapWorld War I in a Connecticut Soldier’s Life


Cristin GenerosoOne Remembrance in New Haven through Memorials


Omayra Cintron Hause – Puerto Rican World War I Veterans:Connection To Connecticut World War One Centenary



Austin Sullivan – World War One Monuments and Memorials, Tolland, Ellington & Stafford

Kristina OschmannGerman American Communities in Connecticut – WWI



Ashley Vallera and Carl Fleming – Daniel Shea Story
Daniel Shea Timeline


Sandra Whitney – Religious Response in Hartford During World War One