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Manuscript Collections

Hohenthal (Emil L.G. ) Papers, circa 1910-1930 (RG 069:001)

Emil L.G. Hohenthal (1864-1928) was a Connecticut resident, temperance and prohibition worker, and local Draft Board Chairman. Collected posters, photographs, newspapers, and documents.

Crocker (Edward H.) Records and Photographs (RG 069:002)

Collected service records and photographs of Connecticut residents (mostly Hartford) in World War I.

Lorenz (William Albert) Collection, circa 1914-1930 (RG 069:017)

Photographs and autographs of prominent persons of the World War I period, with correspondence, plates, negatives, cuts, and clippings. Includes three large indexed volumes.

Hofer (Carl and Herbert) Collection, 1917-1918(RG 069:032)

Correspondence between the Hofer brothers and their mother during their active duty in World War I.

War Veterans Personal Papers and Organizational Records, 1914-1920(RG 069:107)

Personal recollections, correspondence, micrologies, and organization records of Connecticut veterans.

Dresser (Wilfred) and Clare Plummer Dresser collection, 1898-1931 (RG 069:110)

Annotated books, correspondence, certificate, photographs, and miscellaneous materials relating to Connecticut members of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) and veterans of other conflicts from that era as well as the Red Cross.

Watrous (Charles) Papers, 1917-1942 (RG 069:0145)

Corporal Charles F. Watrous was a World War I veteran who served in the American Expeditionary Forces in France.

Universalist Church in the U.S. Connecticut (RG70)

Records. 1832-1948. ; CONTENTS. — Photostats of Conn. Universalist Convention records and executive committee meetings, Southern Assoc. of Universalists of Conn. records; and Hartford County Assoc. records; clippings; articles; programs; Honor Roll of Conn. Universalists in World War I, and lists of churches and ministers.; 1 ft. 8 in.; Source: Rev. Harry Adams Hersey, Danbury, Conn., 1941, and Mrs. Hersey, 1951.

Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Marines’ Fund, 2007-2013 (RG 078)

The Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Marines’ Fund was established in 1919 to assist needy wartime veterans and their families. The agency is administered by The American Legion

Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company Records, circa 1810-1980 (RG 103)

The records of Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company document gun manufacturing at the armory and the company’s subsidiaries, together with outside contracting activities.

Women Voters, Connecticut League of, 1918-1957 (RG 106)

The League of Women Voters is an outgrowth of the suffragist movement. The organization was founded in 1920 only six months before the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, giving women the right to vote. The League began as a “mighty political experiment” designed to help 20 million women carry out their new responsibilities as voters. It encouraged them to use their new power to participate in shaping public policy. The national organization soon stimulated the formation of state Leagues (Connecticut in 1921) that in turn developed local ones. Materials in the collection were created by the Connecticut League and include a series of newspaper clipping scrapbooks, lists of activities, correspondence to senators and representatives, financial records, and reports from local Leagues.

Hartford Woman’s Club, 1896-1923 (RG 107)

The Motherhood Club of Hartford was organized in 1896 by a group of young mothers “so burdened with the responsibilities of their lot that they chose to give their Club life to child problems rather than literary or social pleasures.” The Club engaged in various philanthropic, educational, and fund-raising activities and had a membership of 200. It was incorporated in 1917 and in 1921 the name was changed to the Hartford Woman’s Club. A majority of the records document the history of the Motherhood Club and include meeting minutes, annual reports, historical sketches, financial reports, publications, newspaper clippings, and photographs.

Military Order of Foreign Wars, 1901-1921 (RG 109)

The Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States, Connecticut Commandery, was organized on February 13, 1896, to honor the names and deeds of military men and for related purposes. This collection is comprised only of treasurer’s records including account books, cash books, checkbooks, and bank books.

Owens Machine Gun Veterans Association, 1916-1970 (RG 122)

The association was organized in 1919 composed of men who had served in the Machine gun Company of the First Connecticut Infantry, the first American machine gun company. It operated under various names until 1926 when it was named in honor of Michael and John Owens, both members of the company. The association decorated the graves of deceased members on Memorial Day and held annual meetings until it disbanded in 1970. Contains minutes of meetings, 1920-1970, bylaws, obituaries, pictures and photographs, and printed material.

Daughters of the American Revolution, Ruth Wyllys Chapter (Hartford, Conn.), 1778, 1869-1989 (RG 123:001)

The Ruth Wyllys Chapter of Hartford, Connecticut, was organized November 18, 1892, and chartered January 6, 1893. Its members named it for Ruth Wyllys representing George, Samuel, Hezekiah and John Palsgrave Wyllys, statesmen and Revolutionary War officers. Included are War Service Records, 1914-1921 and other War Records.

Ex Libris Club of the Connecticut State Library, 1912-1951 (RG 128:001)

The Ex Libris Club was a social organization of employees of the State Library and the Supreme Court. Includes the original charter and constitution, bylaws, minutes of meetings, reports, financial records, records of the Flower Committee, scrapbooks and miscellaneous publications, lists, and correspondence.

College Club of Hartford, 1905-1944, 1993-2006 (RG 131)

The club was organized at a “mass meeting and rally of college women,” in Hartford on February 11, 1905, with its object “mainly social, philanthropic, or literary.” The materials consist of meeting minutes, annual reports, financial records, and materials relating to the Club’s activities at Mitchell House and during World War I. Also included are revisions to by-laws published in 1996 and copies of annual programs.

Municipal Art Society of Hartford, 1904-1940(RG 132)

The Municipal Art Society of Hartford was organized on June 14, 1904, in the studio of Charles Noel Flagg. Its aim was to “be of service in preserving and enhancing the beauty of our magnificent city.” The Society was fairly active during World War I but little appears to have been done after 1920.

United States Navy League, 1917-1918 (RG 137)

On July 4, 1915, a group of women in Washington, D.C. formed the Women’s Section of the Navy League. The League hoped to band women of various philosophical backgrounds under the banner of “Patriotism, Americanism, and National Defense.” The materials in this record group were created by the Comforts Committee of the Admiral Bunce Section of the Navy League. The function of a Comforts Committee was to knit woolen garments for men serving in the United States Navy.

Women’s Clubs of Connecticut, General Federation of, 1896-2012 (RG 142)

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Connecticut was formed on April 20, 1897. Its objective is to “bring the women’s clubs of the state into communication for intellectual culture, mutual help and social union, and to extend their influence in such matters as may properly come before them for improvements in homes and communities.” The records consist of executive committee minutes, press books, administrative files, presidential records and printed material.

Clubs and Private Organizations, 1883-2012 (RG 169)

An artificial record group that contains materials on such organizations as the American Legion, Connecticut Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, Connecticut Editorial Association, Connecticut State Nature League, Hartford Advertising Club, Hartford Poetry Club, Reading Circle of Newtown, U. S. Flag Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Connecticut Forest and Park Association.

Company K Veteran Corps, circa 1878-1948 (RG 173:001)

The Company K Veterans Corps of Hartford was founded in 1879 “to promote the interests and welfare of the active Company and preserve and continue the recollection of the service in the National Guard.” All past members of Company K, First Regiment Infantry, Connecticut National Guard who had received an honorable discharge were eligible for election into this corps.

Military Service Veterans Organizations small collections (RG 173:002)

Artificial collection of military service veterans associations material consisting of single items or small collections.

American Legion LaFlamme-Kusek Post No. 15, 1925-1961 (RG 173:003)

Contains information on Post meetings and activities compiled by Post historian Gilbert H. Miner.

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Classified Archives

Bulkley, John, U.S. Provost Marshal Generals Bureau (355.1 C332c76)

Connecticut selective service records, World War, 1917-1919. Major John Bulkley, Infantry United States Army draft executive… Hartford, Connecticut state library, 1923. Mimeographed forms. ” These four volumes of Connecticut selective service records…were received with the official correspondence of the Draft executive. from Major John Bulkley” Contents: v.1-2. Telegrams. – v.3. Letters. – v.4. Calls & clerks.

Giles Bishop Letter (920 B56)

Letter written by Giles Bishop, Jr., Major, US Marine Corps, at NY, NY., urging New London boys to join the Marine Corps for World War [1918] Written on back of notice for dues to Camp No. 7, Dept. of CT, United Spanish War Veterans for year 1917. Photostat copy made from original in possession of Charles N. Burdick, Hartford, Conn., June 9, 1933 (2 photostat copies)

Philip L. Buttrick Papers (940.92 B98)

Papers – passport, passes, transportation orders – relating to service of Philip L. Buttrick in American Red Cross in France and the 244th battery of French field artillery during World War I, 1917-1919. 55 docs. MSS. & printed.; Letters written by Philip L. Buttrick of New Haven, Conn. while in service in World War I, 1917-1919.; 68 docs. typewritten copies.; Also maps, manual and history of 244th regiment, French newspaper, photographs and films.; Mrs. Philip L. Buttrick, Woodstock, N.Y., donor, Oct. 2 1947

Harry Haye Young Papers (940.92 Y86)

[American Consulate at London, England, Certificate of Registration regarding military service of Harry Haye Young of Hartford, Conn.; and travel permit and movement order to Nice and return for him as a representative of the American Expeditionary Forces Y.M.C.A.] 1918-1919. 3 docs.; Received August 21, 1925, from Mr. Henry H. Young, Hartford, Conn.

Edward Dalton Collins manuscript (940.3.C693)

A concise history of the World War (1914-1918). [194-] 351 p. Unpublished typescript.

Nicola Andreazzi Certificate (940.46 A251)

[Gold seal certificate by the State of Connecticut to Private Nicola Andreazzi stating he served with the United States Forces in the World War and that his loyal services are acknowledged.] July 18, 1919. 1 doc.; Signed by Marcus H. Holcomb, Governor, and George S. Godard, Chairman, Department of War Records, State Library, Hartford.

William Albert Lorenz Papers (940.929 L887p)

Photographs, Records, Notes etc. of the Marshal Foch Banner and the Lorenz Collection of autographs from 1918-1927. March 22, 1919. 1v.

Gertrude D. Smith papers (920 Sm57c)

[Letter to Miss Margaret Carwill, Hartford, Connecticut, from Gertrude D. Smith, regarding publicity for National Service School, Inc. of the Women’s Naval Service Inc., formerly Women’s Section of the Navy League] [n.p.] 1918. 2p. 24 cm.; Holograph, signed.; Also information on the school and its courses which trained women for duties in war time and national disasters.

Guy Hedlund Advertisements (940.3 C76h)

[Advertisements and newspaper clippings about film directed by Guy Hedlund showing activities of Connecticut in World War I.] [1918] 3 docs.

Guy Hedlund Papers (940.3 H358)

[Papers relating to his films showing Connecticut’s participation in World War I] 1917-1944. 5 in. ; Includes correspondence about inception of films; original signed prophecies by Marcus H. Holcomb, Frank B. Weeks, and other prominent persons; correspondence with George S. Godard and James Brewster; brief history of the war films; and newspaper clippings. Also included are the original scenario of his prohibition film and signed statements regarding prohibition.; 5 in.; ; Most of these papers were received in 1923, but a few letters were added later.

Connecticut Infantry, 1915. 1st Regiment, Company K (973.9 C762)

Military enrollment of Company “K” in 1st Conn. Infantry made by Lucius B.Barbour, capt., Oct. 11, 1915. 1 doc. MS. Photostatic copy (neg.) Source: Lucius B. Barbour. Aug. 7, 1934.

Conn. Home Guard 5th Regiment Norfolk (973.912 c76i)

Bylaws with subscriptions of charter. 9th Regiment (Militia) Co. A. Record book of Co. A. 9th Sep. Batt. Infy C. S. G. originally designated Norfolk Company Fifth Military District C.H.G. Norfolk? Conn. , 1917? 1 v. (Unpaged) Manuscript

Bylaws with subscriptions of charter (973.913 C76M)

Members and associate members 1916-1917. Norfolk Guard, Norfolk, Conn. Bylaws with subscription of charter member and associate members, 1916-1917. Norfolk , Conn. 1916-1917. 201 p. Manuscript

Connecticut State Guard (974.6 fSt2915tr)

Record book of 1st separate company, C.S.G. located at South Coventry, Conn., 1st regt., 1st military district…Manuscript. ump F. Signed : William L Higgins, M.D., clerk of the company.

Connecticut Secretary of the State (974.6 Se25re)

Register of electors n the military and naval forces of the United States during the World War, 1917-1919 [Hartford CT] Office of the Secretary of State [1919] 1. Soldiers- Suffrage 2. Voters Registers I. Title (oversized)

Norfolk Guard (974.6 St2915n)

Constitution, correspondence, membership lists records,  1916-1919. MS. & Printed. 38 Items. Presented by Henry C. Gidman Norfolk, June 30, 1961

Plainville State Guard (974.6 St2915pl)

Records of Company I. Plainville, Conn. Hartford CT State Library, 1944 Vol. 1 & 2 are manuscripts

A memorial to the two hundred & nine men of Hartford who died in service during the World war, 1917-1919 (974.62 H25y)

Charles B. Yerrington; A memorial to the two hundred & nine men of Hartford who died in service during the World war, 1917-1919. Hartford, 1927.; v.p, il. 0. Typewritten copy.

Barrows Family Papers (974.62 V59ba)

Royal R. Barrows, 1827-1915; [Estate papers and deeds of Royal R. Barrows of Vernon, Conn., and Josephine Barrows of New Britain, Conn.] 1781-1943. ; 2 1/2 in.; Included are World War I military papers of Arthur Storrs Barrows of New Britain, Conn.; inventory of personal estate of Col. James Babcock of Westerly, 1781; and deeds and copy of will of Inez Babcock of Vernon, Conn.; Gift of Mrs. O.E. Underhill, July 20, 1979.

Ida C. Holley Scrapbook (974.62 fB77h)

Scrapbook kept by Ida C. Holley (Mrs. Perry N.), chairman of the Women’s war activities committee, Bristol, Connecticut, during World war I… Hartford, Connecticut state library, 1945.; unp. il. por. fascim. F. Photostat copy.; “Including copy of the first community letter sent by any town to each of its sons in France.”

Canton Memorial Association (974.62 qC16cm)

[Lists of men from the town of Canton who served with the army, navy & other military services of the United States of America, 1775-1922]; Photostat copy of manuscript lists. 47p. Q.; Binder’s title: Revolutionary war to world war.

Daughters of the American Revolution Records (369.135C qW19i)

Connecticut war service records…World war 1914-1919. Manuscript. 5v.Q. Binder’s title. ; Deposited in the Connecticut state library by the Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution.; Consists of questionnaires, indexes in each vol. & combined index in v.5; Indexes. Typewritten. 1921. v.p.,Q. In War Records. dept.

Granby Street Cemetery Records (974.62 G76D1gr L)

List of Civil & World war soldiers interred in Granby street cemetery. ; Manuscript. 2p.L., 5L.,D.; Recorded by Jesse W. Ruick, sexton.; Hartford, Connecticut state library, 1943.

Hartford Rubber Works Company Records (974.62 fH2572h)

Scrapbook, Hartford Rubber Works Company employees during the World War 1917-1919. Compiled by Hartford Rubber Works Company. Hartford,  CT State Library,  1935

Hartford Rubber Works Company Records (974.62 qH2572h w)

World war veterans 1917-1919, employed by Hartford rubber works company (in three volumes)…Comp. by Hartford Rubber Works Company. Hartford, Connecticut State Library, 1935.; 3v.0. Manuscript forms giving military records.

Committee of Experts on Reparations. [Records]. 1929-1932 (341.3 C73e)

2 in. Includes final draft of: The Young plan: report of the Committee of Experts at the Reparations Conference in Paris, June 1929; also includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, press releases, and unofficial preliminary summary of experts’ report.; Gift of Frederick Calvin Norton, 1932.

Torrington World War Veterans (974.62 qT63w)

American legion. Dept. of Connecticut. Torrington post, no. 38.; Torrington world war veterans. Raymond H. Mignerey, comp. … Deaths & burials, 1917-1930. no imp.; 89p.Q. Binder’s title. Photostat copy.

Westbrook, Connecticut. Military enrollment, 1891-1921 (974.62 fW521m)

Westbrook, Connecticut. Military enrollment, 1891-1921. Hartford, Connecticut state library, 1924.; Manuscript. 133p. F.

Daniel W. Strickland Papers (940.9242 qUn3)

Daniel W. Strickland; Connecticut Fights: the Story of the 102nd. Regiment.; Regimental field maps & papers collected by Capt. Strickland.

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World War I Poster Collection, circa 1915-1919 (PG 650)

Primarily American posters including Liberty and Victory Loan drives, War Savings, military recruitment, food conservation, industrial production, American Red Cross, Y.M.C.A., foreign war relief, Salvation Army and United War Work Campaign. Artists such as Christy, Flagg, Leyendecker, Pennell and Treidler are represented. circa 1,500 posters.

Brainard Collection of World War I Posters, circa 1915-1919 (PG 700)

Duplicates of many American posters in Picture Group 650, World War I Poster Collection. Unique English and Canadian posters. 357 American, 65 English, 56 French, 44 Canadian, 4 Belgian, 3 Italian, 1 Polish, 1 German, 1 Serbian.

Chase Collection of World War I Posters, circa 1915-1919 (PG 710)

59 French and 37 American posters.

Cheney Collection of World War I Posters, circa 1915-1919 (PG 720)

80 American, 23 Australian, 12 Italian, 3 English, and 1 French.

Wiley Collection of French World War I Posters, circa 1917-1919 (PG 730)

Posters promoting war loans and other fundraising activities. Artwork of French artists such as Steinlen, Forain, and Willette. 99 posters.

Lajoie (Frank A.) and Gary J. Horton World War I Poster Collection, circa 1917-1918 (PG 740)

Frank A. Lajoie was business manager of the business office for the Meriden Record Co. in Meriden where he collected the 29 World War I posters found in this collection.


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General Collection (PG 001)

Views of various modes of transportation (airplanes, ships, etc.), nature, manufactured articles, military insignia and uniforms, calendars, 19th-century engravings of genre scenes, Currier and Ives prints, and political cartoons. circa 500 pictures.

World War I Collection, 1914-1919 (PG 030)

German war cartoons, American Press Association photos of events during the war, U.S. Signal Corps photos of American troops in France, Women’s Naval Service photos of a women’s training camp, etchings of shipbuilding at the U.S. Government Shipyard in Noank, Connecticut, a Hartford parade of Connecticut veterans, presentation of the colors to Governor Holcomb and Connecticut troops at Camp Devens, Massachusetts. 303 photographs and prints.

Dudley Photograph Collection of Hartford during World War I, 1917-1919 (PG 034)

Views of war-related activities in Hartford, 1917-1919, including introduction and embarkation of Connecticut soldiers, prominent Hartford citizens, military reviews and parades, Liberty Loan bond drives, Red Cross activities, and armistice celebrations. Also negatives of Connecticut troops at the Mexican border, 1898. circa 1,000 negatives, 460 photos. See Photos for examples from this collection.

Connecticut Collection, circa 1875-1970 (PG 100)

Topical Connecticut subjects not related to a specific location, including automobile accidents, farm scenes, flags, pollution, railroads, waterways, and the “Old Leather Man.” circa 150 pictures.

Connecticut State Government, Institutions and Parks, 1878-1973 (PG 200)

Interior and exterior views of the Capitol Building, state health care, and correctional institutions, state emblems, government buildings, state parks, Governor’s Foot and Horse Guards. circa 350 photographs.

Connecticut State Library Collection, 1909-1976 (PG 220)

Interior and exterior views of the building, grounds, exhibits in Memorial Hall, ceremonies from the laying of the cornerstone in 1909 to the east wing addition open house and reception 60 years later. circa 1,000 photographs, drawings, negatives, and slides.

Cities and Towns Collection, Connecticut, circa 1885-1965 (PG 300)

Buildings, monuments, parks, street scenes, and industries in the state’s towns and major cities. circa 1,000 photographs and prints.

Randall Photographic Survey of New Haven and Environs, 1880-1920 (PG 380)

Street scenes, public buildings, houses, parks, and events in the city. Also portraiture and photos used in Connecticut Magazine. 2,058 glass negatives, 1,435 photographs.

Hartford Collection, circa 1885-1936 (PG 400)

Aerial views, bridges, buildings, Charter Oak Tree, churches, hospitals, industries, statues, parades, parks, residences, schools, and street scenes. circa 1,000 photographs, prints, drawings, and negatives.

Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company collection, circa 1864-1961 (PG 460)

The collection consists primarily of photographs depicting company administrators and employees, the Colt’s armory in Hartford, and other Colt-related properties, events, promotional material, and firearms.

General Assembly Portraits, Connecticut, 1861-1933 (PG 540)

Individual and group portraits, albums, and autographs of legislators and other state officials. circa 1,650 photographs.

Connecticut Group Portraits Collection, 1864-2007 (PG 560)

This collection contains over 100 group portraits of local and state officials, governors & their staff, Connecticut lawyers, and members of local organizations. Not included are Connecticut military groups who form another picture group (PG 570).

Military Portraits, Connecticut, circa 1860-1959 (PG 570)

This collection combines both group and individual portraits of Connecticut soldiers and veterans. A number of Connecticut National Guard, Putnam Phalanx, New Haven Grays, and World War II portraits are included in the Collection, but Civil War veterans predominate.

Post Card Collection, circa 1890-1930 (PG 800)

Post cards from all over the world. All 50 United States are represented, with emphasis on Connecticut cities and towns, notably Hartford and New Haven. circa 37,000 cards.

Stereographs, circa 1851-1927 (PG 810)

Domestic scenes, sculpture, Harriet Beecher Stowe, nature scenes, Connecticut places and events, Hartford, Farmington, New Britain, Talcott Mountain, the Tarifville railroad disaster of 1878, United States and world description and travel, World War I.


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State Records

RG 002:004, General Assembly Papers, 1871-2010

The General Assembly Papers begin in the year 1803 and continue through 2010. The papers described here cover the years 1871-2010. They consist of official papers that document the activities of the General Assembly such as petitions, appointments, proclamations, resolutions, amendments, committee reports, Public and Special Acts, rejected bills, and unfinished business.

RG 005, Office of the Governor, 1630-2011

Includes Executive Clerk, proclamations, correspondence, bond registers, applications, miscellaneous reports, commitment papers, appointment registers, Commissioner of Deeds, Lt. Governor, requisitions, and waivers of extradition, and records of individual administrations beginning with Frank B. Weeks, 1909-1911.

RG 007, Office of the State Treasurer, 1741-1979

The records of the Treasurer document three major activities: those as agent for receiving, disbursing, and investing state funds; administration of the Connecticut School Fund; and the duties of the Veterans’ Bonus Division. The function to receive, disburse, and invest state funds is documented through a variety of accounts, certificates, daybooks, receipt books, receipt stubs, cash and account books, ledgers, and correspondence, 1743-1960. They also include small quantities of turnpike returns, Insurance Department certificates, and waste books. The records of the Connecticut School Fund, 1793-1948, consist of correspondence, journals, reports, accounting records, and deeds for lands in Ohio, Massachusetts, and New York. Veterans’ Bonus Division files, 1947-1979, consist primarily of bonus application or claim files and card indexes, the bulk of which are only available on microfilm, and a small quantity of death claim files. The World War I Bonus covered those with military service between 1898-1920; World War II Bonus 1941-1946, Korean War Bonus, 1950-1953; and Vietnam War Bonus, 1964-1975.

RG 008, Office of the State Comptroller, 1758-1954

The Office of the Comptroller is responsible for superintending all matters concerning the finances of the State. A wide variety of financial records are found in Comptroller’s Records, many of them from the Committee of the Pay Table during the Revolutionary War. They include accounts, bills, receipts, reports, vouchers, soldiers’ notes, town accounts for supplies of soldiers’ families, saltpeter certificates and accounts, and other papers. Other financial records covering the period from the 1780s to the early twentieth century include journals, waste books, receipt stubs for payment of soldiers and money loaned to the state, grand lists, Treasurers vouchers, Comptrollers vouchers, Civil War returns for soldiers’ children and returns for family bounties, plus State Pauper Records, 1844-1920, financial records of the School for Imbeciles, 1913-1954, and Military Separation Allowances, 1916-1919.

RG 012, Connecticut State Library, 1850-2018.

The State Library provides a variety of library, information, archival, public records, museum, and administrative services to state government, libraries and library organizations, town government officials, students, and the general public. The Library began as two law collections at the two state houses (New Haven and Hartford) and was placed under the oversight of a legislative committee in the 1840s. It was not until 1854, however, that the General Assembly created the post of State Librarian. The most important State Librarian in the agency’s history was George Seymour Godard (1900-1936), who was of critical importance in getting the building at 231 Capitol Avenue constructed and occupied. He also expanded the library’s services into new areas. Records include such formats as letterpress books, paper files, sound recordings, films, discs, photographs, architectural drawings, ledgers and logs, and ephemera. The group also includes materials of the Connecticut Friends of the Library organization, 1979-1984. Records document the work of the State Librarian and division heads, the State Library Board, the Library’s many divisions, and defunct units such as the War Records Department. One of the largest series of this record group documents grants assistance given to public libraries through the Division of Library Development.

RG 013, Military Department, 1776-1986.

The records of the Military Department consist primarily of materials documenting the history of Connecticut’s militia, national guard units, and the service of Connecticut volunteers during the Civil War. The records contain extensive materials documenting the work of the Adjutant General, 1792-1807, including general orders, resignations and discharges, correspondence, militia returns, pensions, and reports and rosters. RG 013 also holds records of Civil War volunteer regiments, courts-martial, bounty and pension files, and fragmentary pre-Civil War records of militia regiments. The Civil War regimental records include enlistment papers, muster rolls, monthly returns, and muster-out rolls. In addition, records exist for the First Company, Governor’s Foot Guard, and Connecticut’s Civil War “Colored” 29th, 30th, and 31st Regiments. Extensive documentation on various units of the Connecticut National Guard are included, consisting of records on specific regiments, the Connecticut Home Guard, and of artillery, naval, and air units. The bulk of the materials cover the period after 1820, although some records document the War of 1812 period.

RG 020, Department of Labor, 1902-1988.

Series 5. of the Department of Labor contains the records of The United States Employment Service, 1917-1919. Administrative records of the headquarters in Hartford and the Women’s Division, including correspondence, informational material, reports, mailing addresses and lists, questionnaires, press releases, photographs, orders or circulars from Washington, D. C., and scrapbooks. The retained records contain much information about industry in Connecticut during this limited but critical period, 1918-19.
Publisher: Connecticut State Library

RG 029, Military Census, 1917-1920.

Includes correspondence, administrative papers, schedules, questionnaires, punched cards, tabulations, summaries, related materials on Conn. residents, industry, agriculture, and files of Charles A. Goodwin, head of the military census bureau, and Frank D. Cheney, director of the industrial survey.

RG 030, Council of Defense, 1917-1919.

The Council of Defense coordinated war activities in Connecticut during World War I. Its various committees dealt with the various areas of concern, such as food supply, fuel conservation, transportation, military, and naval affairs and publicity.

RG 068, Film and Video, 1919-1992

This is an artificial record group comprised of films and videos. Topics range from Connecticut Governors to various Connecticut history subjects.

RG 073, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, 1866-1990

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs assists the State’s veterans in obtaining benefits or privileges entitled to them under state and federal law. This record group includes records of the Fitch’s Home for Soldiers and the Veterans Home and Hospital in Rocky Hill.


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Local Records

RG 062:023, Canton, Town of, 1784-1940

Administrative, tax, election, military, land, school, and vital records for the town of Canton.

RG 062:044, East Haven, Town of, 1862-1952

Military records and tax records for the town of East Haven.

RG 062:043, East Hartford, Town of, 1827-1977

Administrative, poor relief, land, military, vital, school, election, tax, financial, boards and commissions, and fire district records for the town of East Hartford.

RG 062:125, Sharon, Town of, 1760-1976

Administrative, poor relief, land, court, military, vital, school, church, election, tax, and committee records for the town of Sharon.

RG 062:129, Somers, Town of, 1758-1936

Administrative, military, land, vital, school, and tax records for the town of Somers.

RG 062:152, Waterford, Town of, 1854-1985

Court and military records for the town of Waterford.

RG 062:169, Woodstock, Town of, 1843-1927

Administrative, election, land, military, and tax records for the town of Woodstock.

RG 062:131, Southington, Town of, 1792-1989

Administrative, poor relief, land, court, military, school, election, tax, and borough records for the town of Southington.

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